Cartooning Workshops

Cartooning workshops are a great way to get kids’ creative juices flowing, giving them the opportunity to discover how easy and fun the world of cartooning can be! They will learn to draw wacky faces, groovy animals, and funny people and most importantly, use their imagination! The most important rule in cartooning is that there are no rules – each child has their own unique style. A range of simple techniques, tips and tricks are covered in the workshops, which are designed to give kids all the inspiration they need to create their own awesome cartoon creations.

Workshop includes

Some basic activities and topics covered in the workshops are: How to Draw Heads (with a focus on varying types of eyes, noses, mouths etc), Drawing Animals, Cartoon Lettering, Mr. Squiggle (with a focus on the idea that you can create something cool from anything),
Monsters/Dinosaurs/Aliens, Group Character Creation (a fun group activity where everyone gets a chance to add something to the one drawing), How to Draw Bodies and much more.

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