Portfolio Category: Carnival

Circus Show

Old school vaudeville Circus comedy show including juggling, hoops, magic and ice cream. With heaps of audience participation including circus games and circus toys. A fun story line which will leave the audience in stitches and hungry for more. Plus some great mini circus skits. (more…)
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WooHoo Carnival

It's coming to a town near you. Book a WooHoo Carnival and get all the bells and whistles of a carnival. From laughing clowns to duck shooting, we have it all. (more…)
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Face Painting

It is a staple. You can't have an event with out face painting. From birthdays to corporate events face painting allows everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. Our face painters are capable of 1000's of different style and images. You're not limited to your face either. They can paint on arms and hands also. (more…)
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